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    September 12, 2010

    I know – we should have started this way earlier…
    Anyway – I just received a lovely e-mail yesterday, and thought I share it with the readers of my blog.
    This first featured feedback is from a ‘simple’ colour consultation. Now, when we are asked to help with colours, the request comes often from people who are very fond of colours, and who don’t necessarily want to play it ‘builder-beige’ safe.
    So this one is a great example….
    If I remember correctly, I ended up with about 16 colours, as the clients were looking for strong, often jewel toned colours, and they also wanted to paint the ceilings in an accent colour. As is noticible on the pictures, the rooms, although separate spaces in an older home, flow into each other, so all the colours had to work with each other.

    Please note that the pictures are mere snapshots, so they are not quite magazine quality!






    And here is what the clients had to say:
    It’s been about a year since we met you.  It’s been about 10 months with our walls painted.  But, finally, here are pictures of our house.  We have had innumerable unsolicited compliments about our colors.  We told people that a professional like you makes the difference, even with something as mundane as picking colors.

    James and Phyllis, Victoria
    September 2010


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