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‘We aspire to create spaces that evoke an emotional response as powerful as a great piece of art’

At THE SKY IS THE LIMIT we conceptualize designs for all aspects of residential home design and commercial interior design.

Designs for new homes, additions and renovations, Space Concepts for kitchen and bathroom remodels, fine custom cabinetry, millwork and furniture design, lighting and colour consultations are all aspects of our private sector.

We are able to present the company of a commercial client in a 3 dimensional form and strengthen the client’s branding. We create theme environments for specialty stores, animated displays and exhibit concepts for museums as well as amusement parks. Our diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds and lifestyles allow us to provide an unlimited range of styles.

We pride ourselves in delivering innovative solutions which meet the unique and sophisticated requirements of our international clientele.

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Ines Hanl, Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Ines Hanl

Principal Ines Hanl, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektur, came to Victoria, Canada in 2000 with a MA in what would have to be translated as ‘Interior Architecture’ from the German University of Applied Science, Mainz.

A strong analytical mind tempers her exuberant creativity, which results in an out-of-the-box approach to problem solving and very unique design solutions.

Ines is known for her attention to detail, complex and imaginative ideas, a bold mix of colours and materials and the incorporation of artistic techniques.

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Klaus Kinast

Klaus Kinast

Klaus Kinast is an acclaimed designer, visual artist, illustrator, poet and sculptor. His vast portfolio includes concepts for exhibits, galleries and 3 dimensional panoramas for museums, designs for international trade shows and animated display features, concepts for amusement parks and fantasy settings for theme stores.

Klaus also accepts commissions for one-of-a-kind architectural features, murals and custom work in cast stone and cold bronze.

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The Story of Hieronymus Fish

Hieronymus Fish

Our maskot, Hieronymus Fish, has his roots buried deeply in the history of medieval Europe.

Growing up in the small town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria, Ines has been surrounded by Gargoyles all throughout her German life.

These creatures – half man, half beast, sometimes funny, sometimes frightening looking – are an integral part of European culture, and appear not only in paintings (see the wondrous animals in the work of 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch), but also as sculptures on gothic Cathedrals, as public fountain heads and ‘Eavesdroppers’ on downspouts.

Klaus, who from a very early age on was always deeply inspired by the skillful artwork of bygone eras, created the original Hieronymus painting shortly after he and Ines started dating.

Aside from his very personal connection with Ines and Klaus, Hieronymus is also the perfect symbol for Creativity.

He reflects in his physical shape the elements of Earth, Wind and Water, combines the powers of human and animal energy, showcases his great sense of style (and his good natured humour) by wearing an English gentleman’s bowler hat, and – as a nod to his medieval heritage – proudly waves his flag.

For us Hieronymus Fish wonderfully resembles the concept of endless creativity, which makes him the perfect ambassador for ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT DESIGN’!

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