Residential Home Design

    ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

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    An important note up front: The accurate term of my profession in my native Germany is actually ’Innenarchitekt’, but due to the legal aspects in Canada  I am officially not allowed to translate the work I do as ‘Interior Architecture’, nor  can I use any form or shape of the word ‘Architecture” in my explanations on this site.

    The reason for this is that my using the term of ‘Architecture’ in any relation to my work might imply to you, my potential client, that I am trying to present myself as a licensed architect – which I am not, nor do I wish to pretend to be one.

    In the faculty of residential home design we support home owners, contractors and licensed architects with new construction and renovation projects.  Our profession combines Home Design from the ground up with Interior Design and Decorating. Besides the all important planning stage  we guide the client through the many challenges, and the multitude of decisions, which have to be made before and during construction.

    We concentrate strongly on the qualities of the interior space, and consider the relation of the interior to its exterior surroundings, and to the architectural language of a building.

    Space Analysis and Conceptual Designs focusses on size, use and interconnectivity of individual rooms to ultimately serve the purpose of the client. This thought process  makes sure that every square inch of the interior is useful and ‘hard working’, to create a purposeful, well organized, uplifting and inspiring environment, customized to fit the clients agenda and lifestyle.

    We assist in the preparation of permit drawings for submission with the municipality, help with the selection of contractors and with the supervision of the project to assure the final result resembles the design intend.


    A well conceived lighting and electrical plan results not only in a perfect balance of general, task and mood lighting, but also assures the convenient and aesthetically pleasing placement of receptacles, switches and other controls.

    Designs for cabinetry and construction drawings for millwork are a big aspect of our work. Every project is uniquely customized to express the clients values and personality.

    Decorative decisions include programs of all the materials used throughout the space.

    The possibilities are endless – let us help you make the right choices for your home and business!

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    Process and Remuneration

    Please book an appointment for a first meet-and-greet in our showroom.
    Consultation and design fees are on an hourly basis, and our clients benefit from our trade discounts.
    We provide our services in stages, and our clients determine the extent of our involvement.

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    Space Planning


    Are you building a brand new home?
    Or do you feel “stuck” in your current house?
    Space planning is a key element in creating a harmonious living environment!

    We are intensely trained in the assessment of floor plans and can advise you on furniture placement and sizes, analyze functional aspects like storage options and ease of manoeuvring, and discuss the layout, room shapes and sizes, and the possibility and feasibility of structural changes.

    We will gladly help you plan alterations and additions to your existing structure, or consult with you on blue prints for new construction.

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    Whether it is a traditional home or a funky urban condo, we can enhance your personal style using light, colour, pattern and texture to create an inspired and balanced interior.

    Our goal is to provide a comfortable and functional environment with that all important ‘WOW’ factor.

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    kitchenOur kitchens come in all shapes and sizes!

    A detailed interview with the customer and a site assessment are a first step to creating the perfect kitchen for our clients. We will discuss with you one or more concepts for the floor plan and follow up with elevations.
    One-of-a-kind range hood fans, a stunning kitchen island, or a desk area for your laptop and the cookbooks, will add value and functional beauty your kitchen.

    Our next step is to select one of the many available options for cabinet doors and boxes, and to look at architectural and decorative details such as crown mouldings and turned posts. We then discuss and select stain and paint finishes, and help you select the sophisticated internal components that make modern kitchens such a pleasure to work in!

    We assist in selecting the appropriate countertop material. A personalized backsplash designed to stimulate the senses, and the right choices of lighting brings the final touches to the heart of the home – your kitchen.

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    Do you visualize a luxurious master ensuite, a stunning powder room, or perhaps a fun kid’s bathroom? We can help you go beyond the basic bath!

    Luxuriate in your own personal spa – picture a magnificent vessel sink in glass and onyx, or a spacious walk in shower that pampers you with a variety of body sprays, a waterfall fixture and a rain showerhead.
    Imagine even an integrated fireplace!

    Utilizing elegant textures, artful tile patterns and intelligent storage, we can bring together all the elements required to enhance your style.

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    Custom Furniture

    We cooperate with the finest cabinet and furniture makers throughout Victoria, Vancouver Island and Vancouver. We are very fortunate to also have an incredibly talented team of skilled artists, such as silversmiths, metal smiths, sculptors, glass artists, wood turners, plaster and concrete artists, and painters of fine art available to bring our visions to life.

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    tale tale books

    With an open, collaborative approach to design, we can help bring your corporation, institution, organization or retail firm to the cutting edge of commercial design. Your business and brand will be enhanced and strengthened through optimal design solutions. Theme designs and striking vignettes are a specialty of ours.

    Our commercial projects include professional offices, clinics, spas and beauty centers, bed & breakfasts, art galleries, delicatessen, boutiques and retail stores.

    Our commercial design services also include trade show booths and Point of Sale centers.

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    Project Supervision

    We refer reputable contractors and trades people, or cooperate with companies chosen by the client.
    We work hand in hand with the selected crew to ensure that quality workmanship and the integrity of the design are carried out throughout the project.

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